My Little Farm

Yesterday we went to our local feed store to buy some food for our dogs and goats. In the store they had a new shipment of baby chicks, the most adorable little fluff balls ever! We have been thinking about getting chickens for a while now, we live on 2 acres out in the country and already have 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and 3 goats. SO, I came right home and did some research and we ordered a “coop” and will be picking up our new babies tomorrow! I am SO excited to be adding new additions to our little farm! 🙂

While doing my chicken coop research, we were hoping to not spend too much money on it, it seems like a lot of chicken coops are pretty expensive for something good quality. I ended up ordering a rabbit hutch and run, it was less expensive than some coops I saw that were the same size. I am only getting 3 chickens so I didn’t need anything too big. I will post pics when it gets here!

Here are are some pics of our “furry” children 🙂


This is Kloe, the queen of our farm. She is a 10 year old pound puppy, we rescued her when she was about 4 months old. We have had her the longest out of all our children (2 and 4 legged )!  Recently we sent in a swab of her cheek to a Doggie DNA specialist and found that she is 1/4 german sheperd, 1/4 chow, 1/4 white swiss sheperd and 1/4 mutt with traces of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Collie, Bouvier de Flanders, Basenji and Tibetan Mastiff LOL What a mix! It was a fun project.


This is Toby, our 9 year old Australian Sheperd. He is the most active dog I have ever known, every day he runs along our fenceline “racing” the cars and trucks that drive by, it’s quite a hoot! He is a very sweet dog, we have had him since he was 8 weeks old. We weren’t planning on getting another dog at the time, but you know how that goes, walked into a feed store and there was a litter of aussie pups, nothing cuter! And so Toby became a part of our lives.


Next is Tootles! He is 8 years old, we call him our grandpa bunny since he’s getting up there in age for a rabbit. Tootles comes from a long line of bunnies I’ve had in the family, my husband and I had his sweet dad Henry, our first pet together. Growing up I had his grandfather Squirt and Grandmother Charlie. His great grandfather was my sister’s rabbit Powder. His great-great grandmother was my mom’s rabbit Sparky and his great-great grandfather was my sister’s other rabbit Bugs. It’s really neat to have a family tree for a pet going back that far 🙂


This is Wicket, he will be 4 in May. He is Tootles’ son! My good friend had his mother Floppers. He is one feisty little fella. He grunts and growls at anything that gets in his way! He was born on my husband’s birthday! I love his spirit.


Here is Jasper! He is a mini nubian goat. We also have his twin sister and half brother. He will be one in May. When we first moved here, there were a lot of weeds around, a neighbor suggested goats to help keep them down so we borrowed some from one of her friends. Well after they left we were hooked so we got our own! Jasper eats EVERYTHING!! He is always hungry, you would swear he never gets fed. He is a very sweet boy and loves to get scratched on his back.


This is June, Jasper’s twin! Originally we were only going to get the 2 boys. Whenever we would go visit them as babies, June would just love my husband, she wouldn’t leave him alone! The day we went to pick them up, we got the 2 boys in the car and the breeder said her husband was threatening to send the girls off to slaughter because they couldn’t keep them and no one was interested in buying her. Of course we couldn’t let that happen, so June came along too. She is an adorable little girl and very loving!!!



And last but certainly not least, my sweet Gus. 🙂 He is the runt of the 3 and I need to feed him by hand so he can actually get food because the other two push him away from the food a lot. He is a very kind little guy and I just love him to pieces. He is the survivor of a vicious dog attack as well, a month ago 2 big black labs CLIMBED over our 7 foot fences and got in the goat pen and we were very lucky to get out there when we did. Half of his ear was torn off and all 3 of them were very very upset and scared for a while, but everyone is mending well and life is getting back to normal.

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