My First Follower!!

I have my first follower! Heather from Heather’s Heart has an AMAZING blog which will help me with my homeschool journey. Some days can be really hard but after reading some things on her blog, I really felt much better!¬†

 Homeschooling my girls has been an incredible adventure and I am so thankful that I am fortunate enough to be able to keep them home and teach them. Our program through the public school system has been amazing. We meet with our resource teacher every other week to go over upcoming lesson plans and to turn in our completed work. The week we do not meet with her, they have an art club run by the resource teachers where kids in grades K-3 get together for an hour or two of art lessons and fun time with their friends. The older kids also have a club that they attend.

With all of the recent budget cuts to the schools here in California, I have been extremely worried to lose this wonderful program, so far we seem to be okay. I just hope our teachers will be. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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